There is no denying the whimsy these little elves make to holiday decorations. Their sweet little faces peeking out at you are an unexpected surprise. If you want your holiday pieces to really pop, add a touch of the unexpected. My list continues to grow on ways to use these elves. So lets get started on some ways to use them, the obvious ones and maybe some not so obvious but unique.

1. Tuck them into a holiday tree


The most logical place for an elf is tucked inside a Christmas tree. After all he would be right at home there busy at work–isn’t that what a merry little elf would be doing? A bit of a surprise to see that sweet little face peeking out from inside the tree. All decked out in holiday attire from head to toe. His wardrobe is meticulous from faux fur to velvet, sparkles to brocade with ribbons and bell trim.


“There is no denying the playfulness that an elf adds to your holiday decorating”

2. Add a whimsical touch to a candlestick

A bit of the unexpected here!  A little elf wrapped around a candlestick – especially ones as cute as these, add a high end look and some dimension to a plain candlestick.

An easy way to accentuate your holiday theme.  Add a Santa elf, a candy theme elf, or a traditional read and green.  Whatever your theme is for the year, little elves will make it pop.  

The arms and legs, and even the body is bendable.  You can bend and shape them any way you want.  Wrap him around a candlestick, kick up a leg or raise a hand.  They start to take on their own little personalities.

3. Add to a holiday wreath


A wreath is definitely a time honored tradition for Christmas.  Of course, there are many options and styles in wreaths, but any wreath –  from a simple pine wreath to an elaborate, decked-out wreath – would look great with an elf tucked in.  Attach it to a simple wreath and it becomes the focal point.  In a wreath design that is elaborate, I’ve always liked tucking a little something into a wreath that isn’t immediately obvious. But each time you look, you see something you didn’t see before.  

4. Add to a Swag


Swags have become a staple in our design business.  It is a popular look and something a bit different than a traditional wreath.  A little elf can easily be attached to the central spine of the swag.  We like to wire them on so they can easily be removed for another use at a later date. 


How to attach an elf with wire VIDEO (Coming Soon)


5. Add to a Candlestick Topper


Candlestick toppers are one of our exclusive designs.  It is a floral design that’s made on a wood base that can easily be set on top of anything from a candlestick to any type of container, basket, vase, wood container, or ceramic pot.  You can even get more creative – what about on top of a teapot, cookie jar or plate tray?  We even set one made for fall with a scarecrow in it, on top of a clear glass vase filled with water and bobbing fresh apples.  

Now that’s a unique centerpiece!  So it’s easy to imagine an elf candlestick topper used in so many different design options.  Candy theme placed on top of a clear glass vase filled with real or fake candy?  You complete the design with your own creativity in choosing how to display it.  

6.  Arrangement


Most of us enjoy having a seasonal or holiday arrangement on a table throughout the year.  It’s an easy update.  

When it comes to Christmas decorating, you can make it special by adding a holiday elf.  You can wire him into an existing floral arrangement or make him your focal point for a new arrangement.  

  • Thinking of  rustic nature theme arrangement with pinecones and pine branches? There’s an elf for that!
  • Thinking of a Santa theme arrangement with traditional ornaments and holiday sprays? There’s an elf for that!
  • Thinking of a trendy candy theme and adding all the things faux candy? There’s an elf for that!!

Search Elves for all the different styles we have available.

​7.  Add a 16” elf to a large bow


I love making things that are quite simple in design but can be used in a number of ways.  This is one of those items.  Using 4” wired edge ribbon holds the shape of the bow nice and crisp, even for a larger bow.  I used chenille stems to wire the elf to the bow.  Now, anywhere you put that bow is going to get a huge pop of whimsical fun.  This is large and will definitely make a statement.  Where could you use this bow?

  • Wire on to a wreath base
  • Add to the top of a lantern
  • Add some style to an extra tall candlestick
  • On both ends of a garland would be stunning
  • Tree topper for a large tree
8.  Add a small 9” elf to a smaller bow


The reason I’m mentioning this as a separate option from the one above is because it really gives a different look and can be used in different ways.  A smaller bbow with a smaller elf can be used more in addition to another design element.  So, this design could be easily tucked into your Christmas tree, added to a candlestick, with a candlestick topper sitting on top, hanging over the back of a chair or even added to a gift for a very special someone.

9. Add to a Garland


Whether you’re adding a garland to a mantle, shelf or around a door, it’s easy to wire the little elves in for some whimsical fun. I always add a pine garland to my fireplace mantle for the holidays. Since the pine sprays are already wired, you can easily wrap them around the elves to hold them in place without any additional wire. If you are making a garland arrangement to sell, obviously that would be a totally different situation, and everything would need to be wired in either with 22 gauge wire or chenille stems.

It really makes decorating you mantle fun when you can position and arrange these little elves to give them unique personalities. You can raise their hands up in the air, put their hand over their heart or kick up a leg. A whimsical paradise.

10. Attach to anything, yes anything.


When you think outside the box, you can put them anywhere. In this picture we added them to a frame as it they were decorating the swag that sits in the center. I attached large ornaments to their hands to give the illusion they are busy at work, helping with all the decorations. You could also add him perched on top of a curtain rod, wrapped around a lamp base or table leg, peeking out from behind a pot, hanging onto a chandelier, or peeking behind books on a shelf.

“You better not cry, you better not pout”. Because these little elves are watching and they’re reporting directly to Santa!!



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