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Creating A Beautiful Life

What’s in a name?

Style, beauty, and understated elegance never go out of style. Adding timeless finishing touches to your home brings flair and excitement into your daily life. We know you’re looking for ways to effortlessly transform everyday spaces into living areas you love to spend time in. At Timeless Floral Boutique, we bring you high-quality wreaths, swags, and accent pieces that make decorating easy, quick, and fun — in no time at all!

Meet Patty

Creating is a large part of my passion and joy in life.

My journey in the world of artistic décor initially stemmed from my love of floral design. During earlier careers in auditing and management, I found a creative outlet in designing and hand-assembling beautiful decorative items. What started as a side interest grew into creating wreaths and swags for in-person craft shows. Today, online commerce allows me to share my work with customers beyond our local shows.

I was raised in a family where high value was placed on hand-made items. We didn’t just go out and buy what we needed: we knit sweaters, sewed clothing, and completed many home improvement projects. As a result, do-it-yourself projects have great appeal, and I love having the right tools in place to get the job done. Where many crafters and artisans rely heavily on glue guns, I start with pliers, wire, and screws, before getting into glue! High-quality construction using reliable methods means my pieces withstand the test of time.

“Creating a beautiful life” is more than just a phrase describing items for sale.

There’s beauty in the process of building a comfortable presence and sanctuary you love to come home to. I take great pride in knowing my work contributes to making a more beautiful life for others.

In much the same way as I love putting together the many creative elements, I also enjoy the many aspects of business that allow me to get these products into the hands of others. Everything from making items to taking pictures, from meticulously hand-packing and shipping each item with care to reading feedback surveys and emails — it’s all an exciting part of the journey!

When I’m not elbow-deep in ribbon, flowers, and accessories, you can find me devouring historical fiction and documentaries, enjoying the local scenery while sharing a tandem bike ride with my husband, and cuddling with our adorable pup Candy.