About Us


Welcome to Timeless Floral Boutique!


Who are we… and what do we offer?

We are an eCommerce website. To me our website is our store without the brick and mortar. We enjoy designing, curating and in some cases making the items for you. We have made a lot of friends and customers over the years and we enjoy sharing sharing, unique, high quality, wreaths, swags and decorating items that make decorating easy and fun. A well designed floral wreath, swag or arrangement, shows your guests that you value your home, family and friends.



Why we started a website with handmade floral and decorating items?

My journey in this business came out of a love for floral design. I made wreaths and swags for craft shows back in the day. Today, it is wonderful to have the option to sell all your items from an online website. I actually think it is an advantage for any artisan because you get immediate feedback on what people actually like and buy. Plus, I think its a huge bonus to get to know your customers, especially the ones who participate through actually purchasing or social media is also a wonderful platform to get to know people.



Plans for the future?

Our journey and vision continue to grow.  We enjoy sharing what we do and would like to invite you to join us in …. Creating a Beautiful Life.

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Timeless Floral Boutique

Patty–Designer & Owner

Geoff–Logistics & Best Hubby

Leanna- Niece & Social Media Extraordinaire

Candy–All around helper

(but she has been known to shirk her responsibilities at the sight of a ball)