Hydrangea Front Door Swag, Passionate Paprika


  • Handmade (See shipping times)
  • Burlap ribbon bow, wired edge, to hold it’s shape
  • Measures approximately 17 in. wide x 31 in. long (including the round hook at the top) X about 6 in. deep.
  • Hydrangea colors are brown, green & orange with orange berries
  • Constructed using wire and glue for well made swag
  • Felt piece is placed along the spine to give a finished look & protect your door

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Passionate Paprika Front Door Swag

Please see the DESCRIPTION at the top of the page for more details.

Door swags are very popular this season. Spicy colors are used in this wreath swag. A wonderful color to use for all seasons. A rich orange rust, green and brown are in this hydrangea swag.


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