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Snowy Christmas wreath with Elves and Jingle Bells


  • Festive elf wreath
  • With snowy pine
  • Elegantly dressed elf that is bendable
  • Measuring approximately 23″ across x 29″ tall x about 6″ deep


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I think that one of the most fun things I have discovered over the last several years are these playful elves. I add them to everything. So, of course, the obvious place is a wreath for your front door to welcome friends and family.

The elf is totally bendable so you can position him to kick up his leg or wave a hand, raise an arm–so cute!

The wreath itself is quite a simple design to allow the elf to really stand out. Bottle brush pine and snowy branches are the base of this wreath to that I added round ornaments . At the bottom are three large ginger bells.

This wreath is approximately 23″ wide x 29″ long and about 6″ deep. That does not include the length of the jingle balls at the bottom. That is another 6″ or so.

Thank you for looking and please email me if you have any questions:-))