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Rooster Wreath Swag with Hydrangea and Sunflowers


  • Handmade (See shipping times)
  • Measures approximately 17 in. wide x 30 in. long (including the round hook at the top) X about 6 in. deep.
  • Constructed using wire and glue for well made swag
  • Felt piece is placed along the spine to give a finished look & protect your door
  • Any questions? – Ask a Designer>>

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******Rooster Wreath Swag*****

To view a video and see a 3D look of this swag>>>


I love a rustic farmhouse look. Nothing says farmhouse better than a rooster. Great for a pantry door. I made this one a bit smaller. About 30′ long and 17″ wide with 6″ deep. Still large enough to pack it full of all kinds to goodies. From large sunflowers and hydrangea, beautiful green with burgundy along the edges cabbage roses, ranunculus, daisies with assorted greenery. And we can’t leave out the burgundy and cream berries along with the grapes hanging at the bottom.

I love the chicken wire ribbon. Talk about something different. Double sided check and yellow ribbon make a big bow at the top.

Made on a substantial swag base, everything is layered from the bottom up and wired in. Additional glue is added and the combination of using both makes a swag that will last for a very long time.

Measures approximately:

30″ long

17″ wide

About 6″ deep

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