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Magnolia Farmhouse Swag w/ Birdhouse and Hydrangeas



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Farmhouse is a fun, trendy look no matter what the season. I personally love the mix of magnolias and lambs ear. The combination is so striking, the lambs ear adds a lot of texture. This one really pops with a big birdhouse taking center stage. Peek inside and you’ll see a couple of eggs tucked in .


This swag starts with a pine base and the elements are layered up from there. I use wire and glue so I work from the bottom up and keep layering until I get the look I want. This one has ferns, sweet annie ( which gives a whispy look) and lambs ear.


The magnolia flowers are striking and trendy. They really pop against the lambs ear greenery. Warm hydrangeas were added. Neutrals with black add to a nice farmhouse look.

Whimsical touch

Not every day you see a big birdhouse on a swag. I definitely adds a fun, whimsical element to the swag. I painted this birdhouse with a white paint but then I added age and a dark glaze to give some aging to the birdhouse. A nice soft patina. The birdhouse when then sealed with a matt sealer.


Measuring approximately  18″ x 32″ x 6 1/2″ deep



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