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Hydrangea Wreath Swag Home Decor


  • Handmade (See shipping times)
  • Faux burlap ribbon bow, wired edge, to hold it’s shape
  • Measures approximately 17 in. wide x 33 in. long (including the round hook at the top) X about 6 in. deep.
  • Hydrangea colors are a turquoise-y blue, brown and buttercream with a burlap bow.
  • Constructed using wire and glue for well made swag
  • Felt piece is placed along the spine to give a finished look & protect your door


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******Blue Song Hydrangea Swag*****

Mixing colors is something I love to do in my florals. This sweet blue, brown and buttercream has an earthy, yet vibrant feel to it. The blue really makes it pop but it has an overall flair of country farmhouse.

Of course, the burlap bow is totally reminiscent of farmhouse with its neutral, rustic color and texture.


Made on a substantial swag base, everything is layered from the bottom up and wired in. Additional glue is added and the combination of using both makes a swag that will last for a very long time.

Measures approximately:

33″ long

18″ wide

About 6″ deep