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Hydrangea Wreath in Burgundy & Pink Teardrop Swag


  • Handmade (See shipping times)
  • Faux burlap ribbon bow, wired edge, to hold it’s shape
  • Measures approximately 17 in. wide x 34 in. long (including the round hook at the top) X about 6 in. deep.
  • Hydrangea colors are purple, blue and green with purple berries.
  • Constructed using wire and glue for well made swag
  • Felt piece is placed along the spine to give a finished look & protect your door
  • Any questions? – Contact Us>>

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Burgundy and pink is a popular color combination. While burgundy is a darker color the combination seem to complement each other.

Swags are the latest trend in decorating as are hydrangea flowers. A beautiful combination for an inviting first impression.

The swag is made on an evergreen base so it is a substantial, sturdy swag that will last for many years to come. Variegated hydrangeas are on each swag along with coordinated berries and branches. We also add a sage color baby’s grass to the greenery. We added a decorative hook at the top for easy hanging. Beautiful 2 1/2” green faux burlap ribbon.


We love being able to offer a unique  style in a flower that is oh so popular like the hydrangea.  A beautiful color combination with a rustic flair.


Made on a substantial swag base, everything is layered from the bottom up and wired in. Additional glue is added and the combination of using both makes a swag that will last for a very long time.

Measures approximately:

34″ long

18″ wide

About 6″ deep

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions- Contact Us>>