Giveaway Drawing

One of a Kind Designs

  • Every creation starts with that first design. Some of which can be duplicated as in our Made to Order ones and other designs that are just too varied or have too many different elements to be able to duplicate them to look like the original.
  • One of kind designs are ready made and ready to ship. These will ship out in approximately 3 business day.
  • One of  a kind designs are the ones that are necessary to keep the creativity flowing. The wild imagination pieces that dance in my head until they have to come alive. So you never know what you will find here.
  • One of a kind designs will come in every shape and size so be sure and read the description for the specifics because each one will be different.
  • Sometimes we are asked to make something a customer has in their head and those are often fun to play around with different designs on when time allows. You will see those here in this section.