Designer Bows

***This is for the bow only. Does not include the lantern***
Designer bows for every holiday and season.


A simple  and economical way to update a wreath, swag or garland is to replace the bow. We have a variety of designs to add a fun, festive flair to any holiday or season.


Decorator Bows–I call these decorator bows. They are approximately 11-12″ across which is quite large and can make a real statement when added to a mantel or lantern.

Bow is made of 2 1/2″ wired ribbon with a total of 11 loops and the curly tails hang down about 12″ curled. My bows are hand tied. Nothing gives a more elegant look than a hand tied bow.

Jingle All the Way Bows–A jingle bell is added to the decorator bow giving it 10 loops and a jingle bell rather than the 11 loops. A fun way to add something unique and fun to your holiday decorating.