Custom Order Wreaths, Swags & Arrangements

Custom Made is simply a lot of fun. It is a conglomeration of ideas between the designers and you. A meeting of the minds, if you will, to make your ideas come to life.

Custom Orders are currently on hold. Please feel free to contact us for further information.


A Custom Made order starts out with a consultation.  It can either be by phone, email or text–whichever you prefer. We listen to your ideas, add some designer input, and ideas start taking form. It is a place to start and we go from there on what products are available to make it a reality.

A price will be given to you within 24 hrs. of the consultation.

An  earnest deposit will get the process started.

We require a minimum $100 deposit. Just click the link below.



Time frame to finish a custom order depends on the complexity of the design. If everything is hand made it will take longer. Please allow up to 6 weeks especially around the holidays. A time estimate for your project will be given to you prior to starting it.