If you’re like me, your thoughts about seasonal and holiday decorating were turned upside down when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Things suddenly got very serious and rightly so, people are dying from a novel virus that scientists know little about. I went from thoughts of making whimsical Easter decorations to stocking up on food supplies. And all the while thinking, ‘Is this really happening??’

With so much uncertainty around current events it’s hard to imagine flipping a switch and everything goes back to the way it was for a very long time.The whimsical decoration that a lot of us really like and enjoy doesn’t feel as enjoyable as it use to. I had to sit with myself for awhile and try to find a comfortable place to move forward.


“Flowers have always been a part of the highs and lows of life”


I realized that flowers in some form have always been a part of the highs and lows of life. We use flowers to decorate for the happiest occasions of our lives and as a symbol of respect on the saddest, to show love and gratitude and to commemorate special occasions.

So where are we right now? This is uncharted territory. There are times of sadness and for some that hits closer to home than others. But there is a lot of hope and gratitude. Gratitude for those on the front lines that allow us to isolate in our homes and gratitude for those who take care of us when we fall ill.


“So what does all this have to do with decorating?”


So what does this have to do with decorating? Keeping this in mind is a way to move forward with love and gratitude. We deserve to smile, we do deserve to be happy and be so very thankful during this time for all the blessings we have. To me, decorating and crafting is a huge part of that.

Maybe now isn’t the time to decorate with silly whimsical things, but instead, it is a time to celebrate life and show kindness to one and other. For a lot of us we show that love through the time and effort that we take in creating our designs to share and bring joy.

I have enjoyed designing with hearts for many years. They seem very appropriate at this time. So I am going to move forward with new designs using hearts in every shape¬† and size you can imagine. Here are some that I have already made but I will be adding more as we go along. I’m calling it floral design with heart.


“I’m calling it Floral Design with Heart”



Patriotic Americana Lantern Swag


Patriotic Swag with Heart


Peacock Heart Wreath Swag


Thanksgiving Horizontal Swag w/ Hearts


Sweet crochet hearts in burgundy


Bright Americana with Sunflowers


All Hearts Come Home for Christmas


Fall Sunflowers with Heart