There is no denying the whimsy these little elves make to holiday decorations. Their sweet little faces peeking out at you are an unexpected surprise. They are an unexpected surprise. If you want your holiday pieces to really pop, add a touch of the unexpected. My list continues to grow on ways to use these elves. So lets get started on some ways to use them, the obvious ones and maybe some not so obvious but unique.



1. Tuck them into a holiday tree

The most logical place for an elf is tucked inside a Christmas tree. After all he would be right at home there busy at work–isn’t that what a merry little elf would be doing? A bit of a surprise to see that sweet little face peeking out from inside the tree. All decked out in holiday attire from head to toe. His wardrobe is meticulous from faux fur to velvet, sparkles to brocade with ribbons and bell trim.


2. Add a whimsical touch to a candlestick

A bit of the unexpected here. A little elf wrapped around a candlestick. Especially ones as cute as these add a high end look to a plain candlestick.