I realize these are silk flowers and there are lovers and haters and everything in between. But even the most skeptical among us may be doing a double take with some of the silk flowers that are available today. There are also a few simple things you can do to make your wreaths and arrangements look more realistic looking. The secret is texture. By adding more texture it forces the eye to move quickly from one element to another giving the illusion of something living as opposed to fake. 


Five Ways to Add Texture


1. Add at least 3 different types of greenery.

There are tons of different types of greenery to choose from. There are aisles upon aisles at your local craft store or browse the online craft stores for a ton of choices.

Consider the different shapes when you are purchasing. A fern can add a sharp look with its spiky edges, an ivy can give a wispy look, while a lace fern can add a very soft look.


2. Use berries for variegated color and texture.

Berries are wonderful additions to any arrangement and they add instant texture by their shape and form alone. Berries are also usually variegated so you get two for one with these babies. Although they can be pricey they are worth the investment.


3. Use the best quality flowers that you can afford.

Most people don’t make wreaths for a living like I do. So I feel that if you are a bit reluctant to take on designing and constructing a wreath, the biggest favor you can do yourself is to start out with really great looking silk flowers and stems. Why? It allows you to make some errors in the placement of flowers because no matter where you choose to place the flowers, the flowers themselves will always look wonderful.


4. Learn to tie a great looking bow or purchase one.

I have watched several different “HOW TO” videos on YouTube and that would probably be the place to start learning.Although, I have to say that the way I make mine is different from anyone else’s. I started making these before there was a You Tube, so I just figured out what was easiest for me. You will do the same as you try different techniques.


5. Add an unexpected element.

I often have customers ask me to “make it come alive– add some birds and bees” That is one way to make a wreath or swag come alive is to add movement. Of course, I don’t mean literally. But it does give the illusion of movement especially when it is a bird in flight or even a ladybug or bee. It gives the impression that any moment they will take off in flight.