I get so much inspiration from nature. I see it everywhere. From a new bud on a tree that is a softer shade of green than the mature leaves to old grass clippings that have turned a pretty shade of rust.  Wouldn’t that look pretty in a wreath? or I would love to paint our dresser that color.

A walk through one of the parks in our area really got me thinking about color.


park 003

Nature always does it perfectly from soft muted shades to bright bold colors that really make you take notice.  I have grown especially fond of marigolds because they are deer resistant (really, deer resistant) like no other flower. But the colors in shades of orange and yellow really pop against the deep green leaves.  Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation. While yellow represents Yellow is the color of sunshine. It’s associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy. Sounds like a wonderful reason to use it in a floral arrangement. Which is usually the first thing I think of. But yellow which always makes me think of sunflowers is one of my favorite colors to anywhere, especially in decorating.

park 001

park 006

We are well into August and I was delighted to see the evergreens thick with pine cones. I use these pine cones a lot in my wreaths and swags–yep, right from these trees. I love the shape. Long and narrow adds to the wispy look of a wreath or swag. But they would be equally as cute tucked in a basket or added to a centerpiece or arrangement. A little tip for these pine cones: We spray them with a matte sealer and use several coats. It enhances the color to a richer brown and seals any sap that can make them a bit sticky.


Look how many are up there…………….. I do have to wonder why they are all at the top?


park 009

Even the most native of flowers have beautiful color and texture.


park 019

I love the lime green color of these unique cones. Isn’t this unique?


fair and scarecrow swag 007

(For more information on Sarah the Scarecrow Swag…)

We try to imitate with silk flowers but I often remind myself that we are imitating perfection. So even getting anywhere close is a good thing especially when you add something whimsical that puts a smile on someone’s face.


Blessings from Timeless Floral Creations

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