I am the first to admit that the deer in our yard used to be a huge nuisance to me. It just seemed like everything I planted–they ate! And I mean everything! Deer resistant, forget it, they ate it. Since most plants from the home improvement stores have a one year warranty, I felt it was worth a try. I quickly realized there would not be enough of the plant left to even take back. They just sort of disappeared.
Until early one morning when I went out to water the lawn and there tucked ever so neatly into my flower bed was the sweetest little fawn–I was in love! The nuisance feeling left and it became all about the wonder of nature as we would see the deer with with little fawns appear year after year going through our yard.
It was early in the morning when I took the picture and really not light enough for a clear picture. The sweet look on her  face says it all, for me.


1 090

My garden has become smaller and smaller over the years. The only thing that is really deer proof are marigolds. I am thankful for all the pretty varieties that have come out so they are not so weedy looking.


deer garden 006

Canna’s also are very deer resistant. Also iris are completely deer tolerant. I thought about doing a whole garden in iris but they are a one time show and then they are done for the season.


6-30 021

And out of the blue a snapping turtle comes to visit. Would you believe we live in the city limits and not out in the country?
We welcome and enjoy every little critter that chooses to pay us a visit.


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