Just a small swag can add a big “Welcome” to your front door. A storm door is not very inviting but a swag can change that.

Storm doors have become very popular–although I suppose that depends on what part of the country you live in. Here in the Midwest it seems that almost every house has one. I don’t think they come across as very inviting–more like “keep out!”–so I put up two doors, not just one, but two!!

Just a little swag or wreath seems to change that message to “Welcome”. It  helps your entry to look both inviting and welcoming. But the wreath or swag has to be super thin. I find that it makes the most impact by designing it wider to compensate for the lack of depth. So around 17″-to 18″ wide for a standard size door and even wider if you have a large door which seem to be very popular.

Because the area between the door and the storm door is usually only around 4 1/2″, the space won’t accommodate a regular size wreath or swag. As a floral designer, I still find it hard to keep ANYTHING that flat. I have to have my tape measure handy to double check each stem or I guarantee it will  get deeper.

I often make a swag design using a stuffed piece, maybe a heart, stuffed pumpkins or even hat and feet designs, to add interest and texture and still keep everything nice and flat.


The good news about putting a wreath behind a storm door is that it is so well protected from the elements that they really last a long, long time. How many things can you say that about? So that’s a nice little perk.

Finding a wreath or swag that size is often difficult but worth the challenge. I prefer the look of a swag behind a storm door–both the swag and the door being oblong seem to be a nice balance.  Most people think of wreaths when it comes to front door decorating but you can also add a sign, banner or even a large flat bow to add a welcoming touch.

Our wreaths and swags that fit behind a storm door are clearly noted. Each item will have a “Fits Behind Storm Door” in the heading.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Custom orders are also available if you have specific needs or challenges in your decorating.

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